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The Rules: How to Save Money with Qapital

3 Sep, 2015 | Qapital 101, Rules

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It seems that everyone is always telling us how to save money. Cut this out, tighten your belt, stick to a budget.

Big banks claim to know how you should save money (and what you should be saving for) but we respectfully disagree. If they had all the answers, we’d all be great savers  — and Americans under 35 wouldn’t have a -2% savings rate (compared to +3% of Americans age 35-44).

Our fun, creative Rules trigger the small amounts of money that stack up in your Qapital savings account. They put you in control of how and when you save.

Here’s a quick guide:

Moves: Tie your personal fitness goals to your financial goals. Reward yourself with a buck or two of savings every time you walk, bike or run. You’ll feel twice as good when you finish your workout.

The Guilty Pleasure Rule: We all need our morning coffee. Don’t cut it out, activate the Guilty Pleasure Rule and save money every time you buy your iced with skim or double shot of espresso. You can make any place a Guilty Pleasure, it’s up to you.

The Round-Up Rule: Our most popular rule. Qapital users save an average of $44 a month, just by rounding up their change. Round up your change to the nearest $2 or $3 and watch it add up faster.

The Spend Less Rule: Do you always spend $50 at the supermarket? Set the Spend Less rule and then spend $40 the next time you shop. Viola!  That $10 is automatically deposited in your Qapital savings account. It pays to come in under budget.

Set and Forget: Just set the app to automatically deposit money into your Qapital savings account once a week. Start with just $10 a week and see if you even miss it.

The 52 Week Rule: What would you do with an extra $1,378 a year? Our 52 Week Rule automates the process of saving $1 on week one, $2 on week two, $3 on week three for an entire year.

Freelancer Rule: This  simple solution helps freelancers and independent workers stay on top of their taxes and avoid trouble with the IRS. The Rule automatically transfers a percentage of every deposit over $100 into your FDIC-insured Qapital account.

IFTTT: We’re the first personal finance app that lets you save with IFTTT (If This Then That), the wondrous web service that’s been dubbed “digital duct tape.” IFTTT lets you link your Qapital account with many of your favorite mobile apps. You can save with a tweet, an Instagram or when you hit your step goal with FitBit. Really!

The ways to save with Qapital are truly limitless. 

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