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1. Go solo or team up

Qapital is designed for however you live you life. Meet Qapital Dream Team™ – the first joint banking solution for couples, built by a couple. Take charge of your savings, spending and investing Goals together in a single beautiful place – all without giving up your individual accounts.

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2. Set up your plan 

Money is personal, so Qapital is too. What are your goals? We’ll help you save for near-term Goals and invest for those further in the future.

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3. Automate payday

Tell us once how to divvy up your money between your spending account and your saving & investing goals and we’ll take care of the rest, every time you get paid.

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4. Spend guilt-free

Fund your goals first, cover your costs, spend the rest guilt-free. The Qapital Checking Account and Debit Card come loaded with everything you need. 

Meet the new & improved Qapital Visa Debit Card

Debit Visa Card

No Magic.
Just Science.

Let our Chief Behavioral Economist, Professor Dan Ariely, tell you more about smarter mobile banking the Qapital way.

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“Qapital offers portfolios that match the length of the goal with how to invest…What’s the advantage of the goals-based approach? It helps temper spending.”

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Discover “a secret savings weapon – an app that does the work for [you] by finding small savings that add up over time… And if you are hoping to sock away some of those savings in stocks, apps like Qapital can make investing easier.”

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“We start with the paycheck and try to automate as much as humanly possible. We don’t want you to be miserable now so you can retire later. We want you to weaponize your psychology before you start making decisions.”

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Rather than surprise fees, we bundle our products into subscription tiers so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs or management fees. No surprises – just money happiness based on science.


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