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Where we’re coming from

Qapital was born on the simple idea that saving for all of the wonderful things you want to experience shouldn’t come at the cost of something else. So, we stripped out compromise and replaced it with a wondrous and enlightened feeling of achievement. Saving became effortless for so many, so we thought, why stop there? The new Qapital helps members reach short and long-term savings goals, while managing expenses and spending, all in one harmonious app.

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Meet the founders

George Friedman

Co-Founder & CEO

George started his career in financial services at Nomura in NYC and went back to Sweden to lead projects at Avanza, Scandinavia’s largest brokerage bank. After spending a few years at Avanza, George decided to create an app that he would like to use to help him save. Today, George is the face of Qapital, an app that has helped customers save more than $600 million. His day-to-day includes outlining our strategic vision, networking with investors and press, and managing everyday operations.

Erik Akterin

Co-Founder & CTO

Erik has a history of startups under his belt. After college, he founded a web development and consulting business. Later, he worked at Avanza, where he was the tech lead and rebuilt Avanza’s entire tech stack. Today, Erik works both behind (and in front of) the scenes to make sure that Qapital’s tech is customer-centric, leading edge, and has bank-level security.

Katherine Salisbury

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

The idea for Qapital originated from a savings pain-point that Katherine and George faced as a couple. Today, as co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Katherine shapes Qapital’s principle strategic initiatives, including investor relations, product roadmap, and customer acquisition.

Katherine graduated from the University of Chicago with honors, then Cornell Law School where she focused on International Business Law at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg. She began her legal career at White & Case, later moved to Simpson Thacher, and, in 2007, was named Vice President and Counsel at Jefferies Finance LLC, the finance arm of a global investment bank. Before starting Qapital, Katherine co-founded Friedman & Salisbury Sports Management LLC, which provides complete management services, advice, and assistance.


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