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Saving made easy

Save for the future
  • Set goals and be motivated to save for them
  • Visualize trade-offs & long-term financial goals
  • Create emergency funds and safety-nets
Reduce your debt
  • Set aside money for specific debts
  • Reduce your recurring burdens
  • Gain financial freedom
Stay in control
  • Increase your money confidence
  • Better your financial education
  • Feel organized and in control

Behavioral research that works for your wallet

Less is more

Take advantage of microsaving. Qapital can round up each purchase, helping you set aside a bunch of small amounts of money rather than less frequent big chunks. You can do this through round-ups or automatic deposits.

Save for a rainy day… or a sunny vacation

We help you visualize your Goals – studies show you’re more likely to achieve them that way. By seeing your emergency fund or beach getaway every time you log in, you’re more likely to stay motivated to save for them.

Make saving automatic

Set up Rules to help fund your account – they’ll deposit money into your Goals automatically, so every time you trigger a function (like taking an uber or buying a coffee) we deposit a dollar amount and help you save.


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Put money in its place

Use Payday Divvy to break up your paycheck into categories. You can take care of the big-picture items (like rent and other monthly expenses) and leave a little extra leftover (for what really makes you happy).


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Play by the Rules

Apply Rules to each of your Goals and they’ll be achieved in no time. These fun, creative Rules help stack up smaller amounts of cash, letting you save every time you get paid, swipe your card, buy a guilty pleasure, or even run a 5k.

Dream big, on your own or as a couple

Want to save together with a partner? We can help. Create shared savings Goals so you can contribute together and motivate one another. With the help of another person, your big-picture dreams can become reality.

Saving with no surprises

Secure saving

Our priority is keeping your money safe, from multi-factor authentication to FDIC-insured accounts.

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Withdraw anytime

Need your money for something else? Even if you haven’t reached your goal amount, you can take out your savings anytime you want.

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Assistance at your fingertips

If you ever have questions about your account or pending transfers, our customer success team is here to help.

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We’ve helped users save over $2 billion (and still counting!)

“I’ve loved using Qapital over the years! It’s helped make small work of saving for big things. The “set it and forget it” nature makes it so I hardly have to think about it: rules are set, savings builds, and the next thing I know, I’m treating myself to something awesome!”

mjrezk, App Store Review

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How do Rules and Goals work?

Rules are science-backed ways to automate your savings. We have a ton of them—you can save a dollar every time you run, two dollars every time you buy a coffee, and 20% of your paycheck every time it hits your bank account… the list goes on. Goals are your specific savings accounts that you are funding.

How do I take out the money I’ve saved?

Transfers with Qapital are easy. Just click on the Goal you want to withdraw money from, transfer it out, and you can have it in your bank account in a few business days.