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Take the 52-Week Money Challenge, with a Qapital Twist

29 Dec, 2020


We’ve harnessed behavioral science to revolutionize the 52-week money challenge

The 52-week money challenge is a strategy that helps you save nearly $1,400 over the course of a year. With the most popular version, you save $1 on the first week and work your way to saving $52 on the last week.

This adds up to $1,378 for the year!

The behavioral science nerds love this strategy of making saving a habit. But we’ve taken it a step further and removed some of the behavioral obstacles – like remembering – that can make completing this challenge, well, a challenge. By activating Qapital’s 52 Week Rule, you can move the money to your Goal automatically each week. Just set it once, and let Qapital do the work.

Challenge accepted…

To get started, download the app, create an account, and connect your checking account. 

Set a Goal

Your Goal can be anything – a trip to Paris, your dream wedding, a down payment for a new home – the sky’s the limit. Once you’re all set up (don’t forget to add a photo of your Goal to inspire you), it’s time to add the 52 Week Rule.

Activate the 52 Week Rule

Tap the ‘Add Rule’ button, then select ‘52 Week Rule.’

Choose your strategy

Decide whether you want to start small and work your way up ($1 for week one, $2 for week two, etc.) or if you want to start big and work backwards ($52 for week one, $51 for week two, etc.).

Want to ramp it up? Try saving your change by using our Round Up Rule while using the 52 Week Rule – you’ll finish out the year with almost $2,000 in your pocket!

What would you do with an extra $1,378 a year? Tweet us at @qapitalapp and tell us what you’re saving for.

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