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Small steps for this man lead to big savings each month!


Throughout the month of June, we’re featuring Qapital customers using health and fitness Rules to help them save money. This week, we’re featuring Craig Caruso from Staten Island, NY! Craig squeezes mini-workouts into his day and saves money in the process.

placeholderWhen it comes to reaching his daily fitness goals, Craig Caruso’s approach is to channel his passion for technology into positive reinforcement.

“I am a technologist,” he says. “I love finding new apps, exploring them and see what's new. I live and breathe technology.”

Craig, who is a “engineer by day, developer by night,” says that his health and fitness have become more important to him as he gets older.

“As I am getting older I realize fitness is a top priority over everything else. Even standing for a few minutes helps.”

As part of his fitness strategy, Craig is cutting down on long stretches of sitting while he’s at work, rewarding himself for a job well done using Qapital. He’s using two Apple Health Rules to help keep him moving while in the office.

“[When I] run or walk 4 miles a day... I save $4 and stand 12 times a day for $1,”  he says. “I picked those goals because they are achievable but you do have to push yourself.”

Step it up and save!

In fact, just adding the Apple Health Steps Rule adds $15 to the average Qapital customer’s Goals each week!

Craig says these mini breaks strolling through his office also give him a chance to focus on his work and approach tasks and challenges with a fresh set of eyes.

“When my watch reminds me to stand I make sure I walk a few minutes to breathe and take a step back to re-collect my thoughts and refocus on what I am doing.”

Not only is Craig staying on track with his step goal, he’s also make it easier to pay his bills each month! If he hits his daily Goals, he has enough money set aside to pay the bills by the time they’re due.

“Working out is encouraging me to pay bills. I have nothing overdue but it helps push to me meet my goals each month.”

Whether your goals are pragmatic or more of the pipe variety, by simply adding a fitness Rule in Qapital you can get to stepping, whatever it may be!

We’re always looking to share stories from our customers! Want us to share your Savings Story? Email with the subject line ‘Savings Story’!

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