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Savings Stories: "Qapital makes saving money fun"


We know that Qapital is the best way to save money for all the things we want to do in life. But the things we buy are just a small part of the equation. Staying on top of expenses and taxes might not seem glamorous but it's those things that give us the feeling that we're taking control.

Meet Randi Newton, a 37 year-old journalist and sober companion who works with addicts in recovery


Tell us what you've been saving for.

I’m always saving for something on Qapital.  My top goals for now are saving for tax time, since I'm a freelancer and saving for a rainy day.


How has saving money been difficult for you in the past?

I’ve tried different ways of saving. I've literally put money in a jar, aka the piggy bank method. It was too accessible, sometimes I’d turn to the piggy bank rather than run to the ATM.


What's your savings strategy with Qapital?

I started saving small with Qapital.  At first I used Set and Forget to deposit $5 into each goal.  Then once the money started adding up, I upped it to $10 a day. Then I started using the Guilty Pleasure rule since Starbucks, Uber and Seamless Web are repeat offenders in my life. But I actually didn’t feel bad using them, knowing that money would be put into my account toward my Goal. It didn’t take long at all for me to start saving and notice my savings building up.


Do you feel the money leaving your account?

Sometimes I do feel it, but I know it’s going into another account toward my goals. And I know I can access if I need it, so no matter where the money ends up, I know it’s mine.


Why do you think that the money advice you've been given in the past has let you down?

Different strategies work for different people. As much as I’ve loved saving and it’s something I’ve had an interest in, I’m bored by conventional “how to save” articles. Qapital makes saving fun, it’s that simple. I attribute this to the variety of ways you can save money. I really like the colorful graphics on the Qapital app and the sense that I’m doing something to help my future.  It makes it all easy to keep track of and fun.


What are you saving for next?

I’m always saving for something.  I’m dreading tax time, but the Freelancer Rule has made it a little more bearable.


Any advice for new users? 

Saving money is something that a lot of people make excuses for being they “can’t afford to do.” Qapital takes the daunting thought of saving and turn it into something you might actually enjoy doing. No amount you try to save is too small, because it all really adds up over time.  I say start saving slowly and small if you’re intimidated, then after you see the results, push yourself to save more. The person it benefits the most is you.



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