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Body movin’: How this Qapital customer is making the human body her life’s work

17 Jun, 2016


Throughout the month of June, we’re featuring Qapital customers using health and fitness Rules to help them save money. This week, we’re featuring Lilia Cazaes, a physical therapist and pilates teacher from Atlanta, GA. She’s using fitness Rules to save money for a pilates course and more!

placeholderWhen it comes to health and fitness, Lilia Cazaes is makes it her job to keep bodies moving. Originally from Brazil, Lilia is now a physiotherapist and pilates instructor in Atlanta. Lilia says it’s been her goal to work in fitness since she was a teenager.

“I decided to become a physical therapist and pilates instructor because when I was 14-15 years old, I did ballet and Hebrew dance for 3 years.” she says.

It was her time as a dancer that inspired her to continue learning about the human body.

“I love body movements and became a physiotherapist to learn more about this.”

Not only does Lilia teach pilates classes as part of her fitness regimen, she also does CrossFit and runs on the treadmill as part of her workout routine. To help keep her motivated, she uses the Workouts and Steps Rules with Apple Health in Qapital to save money as she exercises.

“Each day that I workout, it's more close of my financial and my personal [fitness] goals,” she says. “I feel better, positive, motivated and focus when I'm exercising.”

By using fitness Rules in Qapital, Lilia says she it’s made her feel more comfortable about putting money aside since she’s using her everyday workout routine to help her save.

“I don't need to worry about when or how much I have to save,” she says. “[I] just save!”

She says as an instructor and physiotherapist, the best part is helping her clients improve both their fitness and overall health.

“The best part of this is helping people notice their bodies can be better when they learn a little more about it,” says Lilia.

She says the motivation to keep helping people is to understand that “the human body is the best ‘machine’ in the world!”

Whether you’re looking to save when you step or reward yourself for hitting the gym, using your everyday fitness habits to build up your financial fitness makes it easier to reach your goals both in the gym and your bottom line!

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