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IFTTT Rules are supercharging your savings!

25 Feb, 2020 | IFTTT, Product Features
Connect Qapital to your apps through IFTTT

Towards the end of last year we introduced nine new IFTTT Rules designed to make it even easier to save with Qapital. We’ve crunched some numbers and the good news is the Rules work… big time!

Our IFTTT Rules work by connecting Qapital to other apps on your phone you use regularly. For instance, you can use IFTTT to connect Qapital to your Uber app so that you save a set amount every time you take a ride. 

Many of you have already set up one or more of our new IFTTT Rules and a clear picture has emerged: users with IFTTT Rules save almost double over a 30-day period than those without them. In dollar terms, IFTTT users save an average of $407 in a month while for non-users the figure is $235. Pretty conclusive!

It’s a two-horse race for the most popular IFTTT Rule, with Fitbit just edging out Uber. But it seems you guys like taking rides a little more than you like working out as Uber leads the way when it comes to the total number of actual savings events. 

There’s already a lot of love for the IFTTT Rules.


It’s still early days but we couldn’t be happier to see the success you’ve been having with this introduction of our IFTTT Rules. If you haven’t tried them yet, it’s super easy to get started:

  1. Make sure you’ve signed up for our Complete or Master membership
  2. Choose one of your savings Goals and tap “Add Rule”
  3. Select one of the new IFTTT Rules from the list

Happy saving!

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