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The Round Up Rule: Save Your Change, Watch it Grow

9 Sep, 2015 | Qapital 101, Rules

Round up your purchases

Trying to save your change? Don’t let it gather dust in a jar, put those pennies and nickels to work. It’s easy to funnel your those coins toward your Goal with the Round Up Rule. Fact: Qapital users save $44 a month just by rounding up their change.

Here’s how the Round Up Rule works: We round up each of your transactions to the nearest dollar and put the change into your FDIC insured Qapital account. Simply connect your checking account and bank-issued credit cards, and set your savings Goal.

Here are four easy strategies to get you started:

Start small Set the Round Up Rule to round up your change to the nearest dollar. Check your Qapital account in a year and you’ll save $528.

Dial it up Feeling no pain? Try setting the Round Up Rule to round up your change to the nearest $2 or $3 and transform those coins into green.

Combine and conquer Add the Set and Forget Rule to your save your change strategy to grow some serious stacks. Start small and schedule a $5 automated weekly transfer and see how it feels.

All Together Now Saving for a bachelor party or girls-only weekend? Create a Shared Goal and everyone’s loose change will go to fund a fantastic weekend. (Don’t worry, your fellow savers can only see activities around your Shared Goal, they won’t see your personal savings profile or accounts).

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