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What Do Millennials Regret Spending Money On Most?

18 Sep, 2017


At Qapital, we aim to help your money make you happy. The last thing we want you to feel about your everyday saving and spending habits is regret.  

But how do we get to those squirm-inducing, regretful moments of buyer’s remorse? And more importantly, how do we avoid them? These are questions we ask when developing products to support you. In fact, we partnered with Common Cents Lab at Duke University and MetLife to conduct a Millennial Financial Regret Spending Study to do just that.  

Our team asked 1000 millennial participants to review their most recent financial transactions and fill out a questionnaire about which ones they regret the most and which ones they don’t. 28,000 data points later, we concluded some pretty useful insights. Peek the four big takeaways:   


You can read more about the study findings here.

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