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Sneak Peek:
Qapital Dream Team™

What percentage of Qapital users with joint bank accounts at traditional banks are “very satisfied” with them?  The answer: Less than 30%.  The problem is that user-friendly joint banking options are missing from the market.  Qapital has the solution.

Introducing Qapital Dream Team™ – the ultimate way for couples to collaborate on their finances.  

By giving you a seamless way to integrate your finances with your partner’s, Qapital Dream Team™ reduces the friction that can derail your financial plans when you try to manage money together.  It eliminates the frustration you feel when it’s difficult to share account information, and allows you to effortlessly share spending, saving, and investing goals, and instantly transfer money to your teammate (and vice versa).

As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work – especially when it comes to managing your money.  

Meet Dream Team

Dream Team is our newest feature to help you take control of your finances – this time with a partner!

Shared goals in a Dream Team

Who is Dream Team for?

Right now, Dream Team is for any dynamic duo that wants to manage their money together.  Based on our research, we believe the bulk of Dream Team users will be couples who are running a household together.  But you tell us – who will be on your team?

For future versions, we are working to expand Dream Team to allow for teams of more than two.  Stay tuned…

How does Dream Team work?

You get one overview with joint responsibility for your joint finances.  

Because two heads are better than one, Dream Team helps you make your money go further by outsmarting your money together.  It gives you the cockpit view of your finances, lets you decide which balances to share, and allows you to make your next move as a team.  You’ll get instant notifications of milestones and Goal completions to keep you both on the same page.  That transparency creates trust – you can keep each other motivated and build a better financial life together. 

And you can invite anyone you want, whether they already have Qapital or not!*  (If your teammate is new to Qapital, don’t forget that you’ll each be eligible for the $5 bonus when they join!**)

What can I use Dream Team for?

Dream Team puts all your accounts in one place, allowing for shared visibility and total alignment amongst team members.  You can share your Spending Account, Savings Goals, and Invest Goals.  You can back your teammate up with instant transfers – free of charge, free of worry.  And you can keep each other motivated and build a better financial life together.

Plus, we are laying the foundation now for future versions to build upon our Payday Divvy feature, allowing you to divide and conquer.  Together you will decide how to divvy up your paychecks to cover today, and save and invest for tomorrow.

Dream Team share settings

When is Dream Team available?

Soon!  We’re rolling it out in beta to select members right now and plan to have it available to all members by the end of 2020.  But if you can’t wait to try it, e-mail our team at support@qapital.com and we’ll put you on our priority list. 

Once you’ve given it a go, we’d love to get your feedback and suggestions on how we can make Dream Team even better for you.

*You must be a US resident over 18 and have a valid checking account supported by our data provider to open a Qapital account.
**See Terms and Conditions.

Qapital Dream Team™ is a new and/or updated pre-release feature (“Beta Feature”) for your use and feedback. Dream Team enables you to share your Goals and Spending Account information with other Qapital account holders, such as family members. If you decide to do so, such Qapital account holders may import and view your account information. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY FOR AND ASSUME ALL RISK ARISING FROM SHARING ACCOUNT INFORMATION WITH OTHER QAPITAL USERS. QAPITAL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENCE OF ANY USE OR DISCLOSURE OF YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION BY YOU OR ANY QAPITAL USER WITH WHOM YOU SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION. Dream Team also allows you to send money from your Qapital Spending Account to your Dream Team partner’s account at your initiation. You understand that when you send the payment, you will have no ability to stop or cancel it. This Beta Feature is provided on an “as is” basis and may contain errors or inaccuracies that could cause failures, corruption or loss of data and/or information from any connected device. You acknowledge and agree that all use of the Beta Feature is at your sole risk.

The Qapital Team