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Thanks a billion for an amazing 2019!

23 Dec, 2019


We want to say a heartfelt thankyou to all our members for your support this year. 2019 has been huge in lots of ways. We rolled out our membership model – the biggest change in our history – and together we reached a massive milestone: more than $1billion saved. And at the rate you guys are saving, we’ll hit $2billion by the summer.

Your Goals, our gratitude

Pretty much every new bank or financial service promises to help people ‘take charge of their finances’. We started Qapital partly because we were tired of empty promises. And this year we saw just how much of a difference Qapital can actually make in your financial lives:

  • 88,000 Goals were completed 🎉
  • 104,000 of you saved toward a vacation 🏖
  • 70,000 of you saved to pay off loans and debt 🙌🏼
  • 8,500 of you saved towards weddings ❤️

Oh, and one of you saved for a 🐄. Which is exactly what Qapital is all about – helping you master your money so you can use it on what matters to you.

Looking ahead

Our focus for 2020 is simple: do more of what helps you master your money. Today, our tools help members invest toward lifelong dreams, get better at budgeting, and learn how to balance what you want with what you need. And our toolkit is growing. We recently introduced our powerful new IFTTT Rules and you can look forward to more ambitious money-saving and budgeting features in 2020. We can’t wait.

For now, we wish you and your loved ones a Happy Holidays. Here’s to hitting all your Goals in 2020!


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