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Stop overspending

We help you customize a budget that fits your spending habits and income. With Spending Sweet Spot, we help you to stick to your weekly goals by giving you a target to hit and letting you pocket what’s left over.

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Get your peace of mind back

Use Payday Divvy to split up your paycheck as soon as it hits your bank account. It’s budgeting without the fuss: you can take care of priorities first, and then leave a little extra left over for what really makes you happy.

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Save for the future

Rules make it easier (and more fun) to save. Qapital’s automatic savings increase the likelihood you’ll actually sock money away when you’re able to. They nudge you toward saving money without making you put large sums away all at once.

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We take your budget seriously,and we won’t budge on that

Precision is key

We make sure Payday Divvy is as accurate as possible, so you can make sure your budget is correct right down to the cent.

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Readjust as needed

Your money allocations aren’t set in stone, and can be easily changed if your monthly expenses go up or down.

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Private and secure

The accounts you fund are all FDIC-insured, and no one can see your budgeting, saving, or spending info but you.

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Scott’s_Tots, 07/20/2020

Money Goals on Your Terms

I have tried a lot of budgeting tools and never felt that any of them clicked with my goals. The platforms were too complicated or not mobile-friendly. Qapital changed the game. The “set and forget” rule has gotten me far in my financial goals. It’s encouraging to look at the end of the month and see the progress bar filling up. Qapital allows you to personalize your goals, how you save, and even the cover photo of each goal to keep you motivated. Transfers between goals and main checking are so easy! This app has made all the difference in my goal to pay off debt and to save for the things that matter most to me.


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