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Two new Missions to make mastering your money fun

2 Jul, 2019


We’ve just added two new Money Missions to our collection. Created in collaboration with our Chief Behavioral Economist Dan Ariely, Money Missions are fun challenges that help you unlock helpful insights into how you use your money now so you can use it better in the future. In that sense, Missions are not about success or failure, but about helping you learn more about what matters to you.

New Mission 1 – Make Sunday your meal-prep day

At Qapital, we believe it’s never too late to build better habits. This Mission is a great way to start and it can help save you time and money.

Team up with a partner, friend or roommate and decide which meal you want to prep: breakfast, lunch or dinner. Think about when you typically struggle for time. Find it hard to get out of bed in the morning? Having a ready-made breakfast like overnight oats could be the answer. 

Once you’ve agreed on the meal, decide what you want to eat. Pasta dishes are good options for dinner as they’re relatively easy to make in large batches and then divide into meal-sized portions. Dish picked, all that remains is buying the ingredients and preparing the food. If time is really tight, consider having the ingredients delivered. Then it’s time to cook! 

Before starting the Mission, make a note of what you spend on groceries for a week or two and then compare with what you spend when you meal prep. If you save some cash while saving time and improving your health, consider putting the difference toward one of your Goals. 

New Mission 2 – Cancel a subscription and put the money toward a Goal

The subscription economy is booming these days – and it’s not just your favorite streaming services that are cashing in. More and more of us are paying hundreds of dollars every month for everything from software to shaving blades. 

Our latest Mission is designed to make you reflect on which subscriptions make you happy, and which you can happily live without. 

So take a quick audit of the services you’re paying for and commit to cancelling one or two. Allocate the money you save to one of your Goals instead and then sit back and evaluate if it was worth it. If nothing else, it will help you figure out which subscriptions are worth the money.

All Money Missions are available now for Qapital Master members. 

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