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The Qapital journey continues

13 Nov, 2018


Today marks a pivotal moment in the Qapital journey. We’re launching a new Qapital that delivers on the vision we originally had when we started the company years ago.

We’ve created the first fintech app that is a holistic and integrated goal-based experience that serves the financial life of our members over the short, medium, and long term. This complete experience empowers our members with services, resources, and tools to help them find fulfillment and happiness with their finances.

Qapital was born on a simple idea that saving for all the wonderful things you want to experience shouldn’t come at the price of something else. In the past, saving money had always felt like a chore. We believed that wasn’t the saver’s fault — the system was failing. So, we designed a more intelligent and empathetic savings solution to empower individuality. And people who never had much luck saving before began putting away $1,500 or more a year without even thinking about it.

Qapital’s modern banking experience was based on goal setting and making saving effortless, motivating, and even a little fun. Now, we’re expanding that thinking with a full suite of intelligent money management tools that bring goal-based banking to your entire financial life, so what you earn and how you save, spend, and invest, all work together to meet your life goals.

Investing has been intimidating in the past. So, we got rid of the jargon and went with a simple way to plan for life’s big goals. With as little as $10, anyone can start investing with Qapital. Our pre-built portfolios are easy to understand and match your risk tolerance.

"The new Qapital is a complete financial solution—a holistic look at financial well-being that puts your interests and passions first, so present happy you and future happy you can become one."

With the new Qapital, members have three memberships to choose from, packed with inspiring new features and financial insights. We’re the only ones simplifying traditional banking tools into one platform and we know that better banking begins with understanding your relationship with money.

In order to help you find more meaning and fulfillment with your money, we developed tools and resources that will help you learn and be more financially mindful. Here’s what you can expect from the new Qapital:

Payday Divvy

A smart tool that helps you pay yourself first. Prompted when a deposit hits, this feature helps you set aside money for your needs and commitments (think rent, utilities, etc) and then you can determine how much of what’s left is for living in the now, the near future, or investing in your long-term goals.

Spending Sweet Spot

We’ve upgraded Weekly Spending Target and renamed it Spending Sweet Spot. This tool re-thinks budgeting for your everyday expenses on a weekly basis to help you discover and stick to the amount that’s best for you.

Money Missions

Rooted in behavioral science, this is one of the tools we’re really excited about. These fun challenges help you get long-lasting happiness from every dollar. We designed this tool to help you learn about yourself and help you spend in new ways that are optimized for your happiness.

And this is just the beginning of what we have planned for Qapital.

We hope you explore the new Qapital app, enjoy the simplicity and ease of everyday spending, saving and investing, and drop us a line to share your goals. We’ll keep empowering you toward greater money happiness.

To try the Qapital app for yourself, download it here.