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Meet the New & Improved Qapital Visa® Debit Card

24 Jun, 2020


Starting last week, Qapital users have been receiving envelopes in the mail containing the new & improved Qapital Visa® Debit Card*. 

This small yet mighty card has it all: Top-notch security, supercharged savings, smart budgeting, convenient withdrawals and contactless tap-to-pay technology.

Qapital is proud to be among the first to provide its members with access to this advanced payment tool, particularly at a time when contactless checkout is imminent to public health.

Here’s a list of everything you can expect from the game-changing Qapital Visa® Debit Card:

  • Tap to pay: Checkout safely and securely wherever contactless-payment is enabled. Simply bring your card within a few inches of the contactless payment device (tapping is optional). 
  • Avoid overspending (and underspending): By setting up Spending Sweet Spot, you’ll get real-time notifications to help you stay within a weekly budget that doesn’t make you feel guilty or deprived.
  • Supercharge your Savings: Your new card can be used to trigger your Savings Rules, so you reach your Goals faster. For instance, set up a Rule to save every time you use your card to pay at Starbucks.
  • Withdraw cash on demand: Enjoy no-fee withdrawals from over 55,000 ATMs across the United States and around the globe.
  • Stay safe: Thanks to Visa’s Zero Liability Policy, you won’t be responsible for fraudulent use of your card.
  • Digital payment friendly: Use your card with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.



* The Qapital Visa® Debit Card is issued by Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC, and is available with Qapital Complete and Qapital Master membership plans.

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