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4 Ways to Boost Healthy Savings + Healthy Lifestyle

8 Sep, 2015


Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle is a lot like saving money. It can feel thankless sometimes.


We do the work day in and day out but it’s tough when we don’t see results right away. We know we’ll look and feel better in six months, but dang if it doesn’t feel like we’ve been on that treadmill for years and our jeans still fit the same. Same with saving money — we know we’ll get to our savings goals if we just keep plugging away but it can seem like a lot of effort for a small result.


Some days, we need incentive to put on our sneakers or choose a veggie burger over a cheeseburger. It’s easier to run toward something — like a new wardrobe or a great new set of headphones — when you’re excited to get there.


Here are 4 ways that Qapital’s Rules can help you kickstart your healthy lifestyle:


Step it up with Apple Health

We’ve got the Apple Health app built in. Select Apple Health from our Rules and tap in how much you want to save for every mile you walk. Reward yourself with $3 every time you hit your 10,000 steps and you’ll have enough money saved for those new running shoes in a matter of weeks.


Slim down your grocery list

Trying to resist those last-minute impulse buys at the checkout counter? Use the Spend Less Rule at your favorite grocery store and every time you come in under budget, you save the difference.


Reward Yourself for Eating Healthy

Will you choose to buy a salad today instead of a burrito? Swipe your card, use the Round Up Rule, and reward yourself with a few bucks at the register.


Fine Yourself for Eating Not-So-Healthy

Sometimes you need that burrito. Designate that delicious Mexican restaurant as a Guilty Pleasure and fine yourself $5 for indulging. Add some extra guac, you earned it.



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