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Hey Siri, Save $25 For Honeymoon

20 Sep, 2017 | Product Features


It’s a big week for your iPhone. Apple released the long-awaited iOS 11 operating system… And we have a surprise for you, too. You might have seen us featured on the app store’s “Hey Siri” page. That’s because we not only worked to make the Qapital app compatible with iOS 11, we also launched Siri integration!

What does that mean for you? It means instant updates on your Qapital account balances whenever you want. It means easy-peasy, handsfree transfers of money to your Goals while you’re cooking dinner or riding the bus. You can ask Siri to check your balance, transfer funds to a Goal, or show you how much you’ve saved so far towards that plane ticket to Barcelona.

Of course, Siri’s not the only way your iPhone and Qapital app work hand in hand… Don’t forget you can set up an AppleHealth Rule to link your fiscal habits and fitness routine.

Qapital makes saving money easy, and things just got easier.

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Jess Dickerson