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Discover “a secret savings weapon — an app that does the work for [you].”

“Qapital “weaponize[s] your psychology before you start making decisions.”

“What’s the advantage of the goals-based approach? It helps temper spending.”

See what our users are saying:

Aimee Royer:

“This is hands down the easiest way to save (and invest) money that I have ever come across in my life. I have never been great at saving and know nothing about investing, but this app does all the heavy lifting.”


“Only been using this app for 2.5 months and manage to save 200 bucks and not even missing the money.”

Sophia Lyons:

“Makes it easy to save because you don’t have to do it consciously. I have saved hundreds just using the round up rule.”


“I am so glad I started using Qapital a few years ago. It’s amazing how much I’ve been able to save without really even noticing it coming out of my account.”


“I seriously do LOVE this app. I’m terrible at saving and Qapital makes it soooo easy! Making the goals and picking the rules is, sounds silly, but fun. Watching your savings grow makes you feel so accomplished.”

Monique Evans:

Using Qapital allowed me to actually save up enough for a down payment for my house!


In just a couple of months, I’ve managed to save 25-50% of my goals. I’m surprised that I’ve saved this much without really changing my spending habits. I think that is so cool!

Elizabeth Tirado:

I love this app. It helps me save and I don’t even feel it. It has come in handy with emergency car expenses so many times.

Nosilla R.:

It’s really helping me with budgeting for my upcoming wedding. Highly recommend, my whole family uses this app now!

Jessica Stephenson:

I absolutely love this app. I use my spare change to buy my crafts!


This app is a godsend. I have tried to find something that helps me save and this app does it.


I’ve been using Qapital for several years now, and thanks to this app, I’ve actually been able to build an emergency fund — and I literally have a rainy day savings (every time it rains I said five bucks haha)!

T Hart:

I love this app! It’s a great tool to save money and it’s easy to use. You don’t notice it coming out of your bank account and before you know it, you’ve reached your set goal!


Qapital has saved me so much money. Half the time I forget it’s there and am surprised by how much I have!

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