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Whether you’re looking to be debt-free, lower your monthly payments, or understand how much you owe, Debt Wrangler™ can help get you there.

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Know your loans

When you understand your interest rates, payment timelines, and balances you can create a sustainable plan to manage your debt.

See where you could save

Automate your payments to receive a discount off your interest rate, or apply for refinancing with the chance to save even more over the life of your loans.

Make each payment count

We’ll show you which loans to tackle first, how long it will take to pay everything off, and tips to speed up repayment.

Explore your refinancing options

Trying to choose between saving on your monthly payments or saving on the total amount of your loan? Debt Wrangler shows you the numbers so you can decide what works best for you.

Payment strategies that

fit your life

If you got a windfall, how would you use it? Once you get the hang of those minimum monthly payments, Debt Wrangler can give you a clearer picture of how you could save over time if you throw extra cash at your loan.

The not-so-small print

Qapital is not a student loan provider or servicer. Qapital has partnered with Spinwheel to allow borrowers to access their own student loan data and receive related services and AI powered insights.

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