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Build your savings
while you shop

Get cashback at over 12,000 online retailers, and apply what you earn to your money goals seamlessly.

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Save time and money

Don’t waste time copying and pasting random codes. Cashback Hacks searches for deals and rewards, so you don’t have to.

Shop your favorites

Booking a trip, buying a gift, or stocking up on household essentials? You can find deals at thousands of participating sites.

Reach your Goals faster

Once your cashback offer gets processed, we’ll put the money straight into your Goals.

Earn and save at 12,000+ merchants




How it works

Add or enable the extension

Get Cashback Hacks from the Chrome Web Store on desktop or enable it on mobile with Safari, then log into your Qapital account.

Shop like normal

Browse your favorite stores and keep an eye out for alerts.

Get cash and coupons

If we find cashback or coupon offers, we’ll apply the one with the biggest reward to your cart.

Earn more, save more.

  Free and easy to install

  Included with your Qapital membership

  Available on desktop and mobile



This is a great extension!

This is a great extension! Getting to see your savings accumulate from shopping is a thing of beauty. I love it!

A Jax • 4 Oct, 2022

Great Savings tool.

Great Savings tool. I love connecting my shopping savings to my savings accounts!

Mr. back • 4 Oct, 2022

I really do love this extension.

I really do love this extension. The savings are really worth it!

Michaela Johnson • 4 Oct, 2022

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