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Be Our First Wyoming Customer, Win $100

26 Oct, 2015 | Savings Stories

Qapital is proud to announce that we’ve got customers in nearly all 50 states! Except one — Wyoming.

There’s a lot to love about the least populous state in the union. We love that its motto is “The Equality State.” We love its staggeringly beautiful natural parks where you can hike and ski. Heck, we love that its state dinosaur is the Triceratops!

People of Wyoming: We want you to save with Qapital. The first state resident to sign up will receive $100 in their Qapital account to kick off their savings Goals.

Here are 4 awesome things you can save for with Qapital if you live in (or are visiting!) Wyoming:

A fishing license: The cost to legally cast your line is one of the most-searched for questions online, according to Google. Use Qapital to Round-Up your change and you’ll be baiting your hook in no time.

A holiday in Yellowstone: You can explore one of America’s most famed national parks on ski! Save for a winter sport adventure through Blacktail Plateau, Lamar Valley, Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon, and the foot of the Gallatin Range.

A bath in a hot spring: Swim in the winter! The chance to frolic outdoors in Hot Springs National Park in your bathing suit in December is just too fantastic of an opportunity to miss.

 A chance to be a rodeo star: Have fantasy of riding a bucking bull or just want to get the feel for what its like to work with professional riders? Save for Rodeo School and you’ll feel like John Wayne by spring.


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