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What is IFTTT? Qapital Lets You Save With Your Favorite Apps

11 Sep, 2015 | IFTTT, Product Features


Did you know you can save with a hashtag? Or every time you post on Instagram? It’s true! With Qapital you can save using many of your favorite apps, including FitBit, Facebook, Twitter and more. It’s all possible with Qapital and IFTTT

Wait, what’s IFTTT?

Here’s how it works: IFTTT (pronounced like ‘gift’) uses one action or behavior to trigger another. The name stands for If This, Then That and means that each time one action happens, another will follow (like a series of dominoes). There are more than 200 IFTTT channels that can trigger savings to Qapital — we’re the first and only banking service to have a channel. IFTTT has been dubbed “digital duct tape” and it’s pretty cool.

Here’s How to Make Qapital Work with IFTTT

It starts with a Recipe:

If I [do something], then save $___ to my Qapital Goal ____’

Recipes are connections between products and apps and your Qapital account. They allow you to save or share information about a save you just made. Recipes also work with utilities built into your phone like Location and Reminders.

Here’s an example of a Qapital recipe on IFTTT:

IFTTT Recipe: Reward yourself every time you check a task off your list connects ios-reminders to qapital

Here’s another: IFTTT Recipe: Reward yourself when you reach your distance goal connects nike to qapital

Once you set up your IFTTT account, you’ll be able to explore the channels and decide which recipes to use to save toward your Goals.

IFTTT is a great addition to our in-app Rules, since you can link even more everyday activities beyond just spending habits.

Are you a social media butterfly? Connect Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr as a trigger and save money each time you post. Do you use a Jawbone UP, FitBit or Misfit fitness tracker? Link them to and reward yourself for making your fitness goals. There are thousands of options! Get creative!

You can also use IFTTT to share your saving progress with your social networks or save each amount saved to a spreadsheet in Google Drive. Whether you want to tell the world about how you’re doing or keep the data on-hand for your own records, there are lots of ways to make IFTTT do the hard work for you.

Qapital lets you save according to you everyday habits — connecting to IFTTT helps you get to your goals even faster.

Check out Qapital on IFTTT

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