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Want to Save 4 Times as Much This Year? IFTTT & Their Button Widget, Explained.

26 Jan, 2017 | IFTTT, Product Features

We’re always looking to save more money – aren’t you? Good news is, Qapital customers who use IFTTT save up to 4 times as much as those who don’t!

If you’re not familiar with IFTTT, here are the basics:

IFTTT is available in both the Google Play and App Store, and connects your device and the different apps you use. Within these connected services are Applets – or connectors – between two different apps. Say you want to post a food photo on both Instagram and Twitter, but don’t have the time to post in two places?! Or maybe you’re not interested in “sharing” from Instagram to Twitter, as it only provides a link (rather than the image you worked so hard to angle). There’s an Applet for that! Turn it on, and you’ll see your photo displayed as if it were posted from Twitter itself.

that part
That part! Courtesy Wexler’s Deli, Los Angeles

So…how does Qapital fit in (and, real talk…saving more money)? Glad we asked for you! IFTTT is the peanut butter to Qapital’s jelly, offering the programming to create even more customized, fun Rules. Say you’re planning a wedding, and want to add $1 toward paying your wedding DJ each time you add a song to your Spotify playlist. IFTTT has that Applet for you. Or you’d like to #Qapitalize each time @realDonaldTrump tweets? We’ve got you! Save up for a vacation, pay off your school debt, or contribute to your own presidential campaign one day! IFTTT provides Applets for your home, car, shopping, and music.

10/10 would save for an old school boombox
10/10 would save for an old school boombox.

The Button Widget:

Now that we’ve hit the basics, here’s the scoop my favorite IFTTT function: the Button Widget. You’re looking to save money, but the trigger you want isn’t listed. Maybe your family just got a puppy, and you are trying to encourage everyone to share the responsibility of dog walking. Since there’s no way to currently track this via IFTTT, they’ve offered the genius Button Widget instead. Setting this up will create a widget for your phone, which you can press each time you’ve walked the li’l guy, instantly saving money. This is a fun way to positively reinforce getting things done.

Setting it up:

If you’re already using IFTTT, open the app (and if you’re not, set up that account already!).

Press “My Applets” in the lower right corner, then the + sign in the upper right.

Now that you’re in Applet Maker, press the blue “+this” button in the center of the screen. Choose “Button Widget” as your action, and “Button press” as your trigger.

It’s time for the “+that.” Once you’ve clicked it, you’ll be redirected to the search screen. Type in “Qapital” as your action. It will ask you which Goal you’d like to save for. Choose a Goal and an amount, and click “Next” in the top right corner.

Your Applet setup is complete! Except…you’ll need to title it. Tap “Edit title” on your screen. You can name it anything you want! I like to keep it simple, since the widget only shows the first few characters on your phone’s home screen.

Pup walk for paper!
Pup walk for paper.

Once you’ve clicked finish, the next screen will drop a blue banner at the bottom that reads, “This Applet requires a widget to run” followed by a “Go” button. Tap that, which will redirect you to another screen. Click “Got it” then exit out of your screen.

When you go to your lock screen, or swipe to your search screen, you’ll notice a small button at the bottom with our logo on it. That’s your Button Widget! Each time that puppy is walked, save $1 toward their vet visits.

Don't tell anyone, but I've never once tapped that "work out" widget.
That “work out” widget, though…one day!

Have any questions, success stories, or would like ideas on how to save? Reach out to us! We’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest (and always eager to help).

Happy saving!

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