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Space + Qapital: Out-of-this-world IFTTT Recipes

20 Jan, 2016 | IFTTT, Product Features
Space and Qapital on IFTTT


Though we may never get to join Starfleet or fight the Galactic Empire, there are still some cool ways you can get your fill of ‘the final frontier’ thanks to the Space channel on IFTTT (wait, what’s IFTTT?).

You can use the cool stuff NASA does every day to save money for the things you want (like, say, a seat on a commercial space flight).

To start saving with the stars, log into your IFTTT account and connect to the Space Channel. We’ve created these far-out Recipes to help get you started and help put your savings into hyperdrive, but you can create your own on the Channel page.

To IFTTT-finity and beyond!

IFTTT Recipe: Save every time the International Space Station flies overhead connects space to qapitalIFTTT Recipe: Save money when the season changes on Mars connects space to qapital

IFTTT Recipe: Save every time an astronaut enters orbit connects space to qapitalIFTTT Recipe: Save every time there's breaking news from NASA connects space to qapital

Create your own Space + Qapital Recipe on IFTTT and tweet it to us at @qapitalapp. We’ll share with our entire community of savers or feature you on a future blog post!

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