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Savings ahoy! This ship captain is making his culinary dream happen

27 May, 2016 | Savings Stories

Savings Stories feature real Qapital customers telling us about how and why they use the app to help them save money. Meet Peter from San Francisco, CA who’s used Qapital to save for culinary school and live his dream of becoming a chef!

Peter DorranceWhat do a small, cozy apartment in San Francisco and a 252 foot oil supply boat off the coast of Louisiana have in common? They’re both places Peter Dorrance calls home! Peter, a ship captain in the Gulf of Mexico, alternates between working one month at sea and one month at home.

When he’s not out to sea, Peter shares his apartment with his girlfriend and a cat (named Lucifur) and enjoys cooking. In fact, he loves being in the kitchen so much, he’s about to trade in his captain’s hat for a chef’s jacket!

“I’m starting culinary school in August and taking a break from the sailor life,” he says. “I have always enjoyed cooking and have always wanted to go to culinary school. I know it’s a perfect opportunity now that I live in San Francisco, and have some money saved up.”

By using the Round-up Rule and 52 Week Challenge Rule, he’s already saved more than $1000 with Qapital.

Peter’s decision to give up his life at sea comes from his passion for cooking and inspiring joy in people.

“I have a very interesting career now, but I am not passionate about it.” he says. “I want to make amazing food and make amazing food for people’s reactions. There is nothing more satisfying than people enjoying food you have prepared.”

When he’s not working, Peter enjoys rock climbing. He’s saving for a trip to Patagonia for a friend’s wedding in February and is hoping to get some climbing in there too! But, he says, there’s another reason he’ll continue to use Qapital.

“It’s a pleasant feeling knowing I have that cash toward my Goals or even in an emergency for something else.”

We’re always looking to share stories from our customers! Want us to share your Savings Story? Email hello@qapital.com with the subject line ‘Savings Story’!

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