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Search, Battle, and Save! ????

22 Jul, 2016 | IFTTT, Product Features


We know it. There’s no denying it. The new kid on the block. It’s a kid we all love very much, even when we’re…well, not upset, but SLIGHTLY startled by the magnitude of attention it gets. Like that time it attracted hundreds of people to Central Park and caused a stampede. I’ve sang in Central Park for hours and just been asked to leave.

Whether or not this horde caught the very rare “Vaporeon” (that’s the actual Pokemon’s name…and I’m just snarky because it’s not in my Pokédex), we know — since there are so many other Pokémon to catch besides who-needs-it-anyway Vaporeon — this will not be the last stampede. The Poké-journey has just begun, and Poké-trainers are determined as ever to catch these ethereal Pocket Monsters with grenade-looking spheres, which are called (to no one’s surprise) Pokéballs.

Some people have even quit their jobs to catch Pokémon full time, which — to the normal ear — might not sound entirely sound (no judgement from me, though – already packed up my desk). Take Tom. He’ll be spending the next two months catching Pokémon in New Zealand. To you, Tom, Qapital would like announce our fullest support, and wish you the best of hunts!

To other people, gamers and non-gamers, we want to announce something that might have a more workable ring to it: you can save money with Qapital while you play Pokémon GO!

Here’s how we do it:

Apple Health Rule

Set up an Apple Health Rule to save money each time you walk a mile. If you’re out catching, you may as well be racking up savings in the process!

IFTTT Locations

Familiar with a place (or few) where people frequently drop lures? Set up an IFTTT GPS Location in that area. You can choose a dollar amount to save each time you fall in the radius.

Guilty Pleasure Rule

If you have a usual path, make sure to set up a Guilty Pleasure Rule at a gas station or convenience store along the way. Stop in for some much needed energy and save a few bucks while you’re there. You may not catch a Hydreigon, but at least you’ll be hydrated.

Happy hunting (and saving), Trainers! Oh, and if you come up with more ways to save while on the GO, let us know! Tweet us @Qapitalapp! #TeamInstinct

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