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Savings Stories: Chickens, chinchillas, and kittens – oh my!

Savings Stories feature real Qapital customers telling us about how and why they use the app to help them save money. Meet Rachel from from Pittsburgh, PA. She’s mom of two girls, keeper of many pets, DIY enthusiast and Qapital customer since August 2015!

1529924_10155700544120343_5579670300386115391_oAfter selling her business, Rachel became a homemaker. Now she’s looking after her daughters and keeping a “mini farm”, complete with two dogs, a chinchilla, a rat, chickens, and foster kittens. Her dream is to add goats to the mix one day!

Rachel’s also got quite knack for DIY projects! She does her own home renovations, maintains a rental property and builds furniture. “A lot of people are surprised when they see what I do.”

With all that going on, Rachel was looking for an easy way to save money and discovered Qapital. She explains how she uses her everyday activities to help her save and what Goals she’s saving for.

What are you saving for with Qapital?
I have three main Qapital categories. The first is for another rental property, second is a trip abroad, and third is long-term savings. Splitting the savings between something that I need to do [the rental property], and something that I want to do [the trip], makes it easier to swallow.

How did you discover Qapital and why did you decide to sign up?
I discovered Qapital after reading a blog by Ramit Sethi where he talks about automating all of his finances. I did a search about the best ways to do that and found a list of apps that make it easy. Qapital stood out to me because of its flexibility. I really loved the idea of using IFTTT!

What was saving money like for you before using the app?
Before Qapital, I would budget money for saving but when something more appealing came up, I would end up using the money earmarked for savings for whatever that was. Basically, the desire was there, but the self control was not. Even if I moved money to my savings account, it was just too easy to move it back to spend it!

How do you use Rules to save? What’s your strategy?
My main Rules are the Round-up Rule and 52 Week Rule.

Where my savings really ramp up is using IFTTT Recipes. I save automatically every time I pin something on Pinterest and when I post something on Facebook or Instagram. I even have one that makes me save every time I use the camera on my phone!

What’s you favorite thing about saving money with the app?
My favorite thing about using Qapital to save money is that it works. When Qapital pulls money from my account, it doesn’t feel like a choice, even though it is.

Sometimes I feel it, but behind that feeling is security in knowing that it’s myself that I paid, and isn’t that the first rule of saving? That money probably would have been gone anyway, except it would have just been spent on miscellaneous junk without Qapital.

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