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Savings Stories: Saving money to mind your own business

Savings Stories feature real Qapital customers telling us about how and why they use the app to help them save money. Meet Tommy from New York, NY. He started saving with Qapital to start his own business back in February 2015. That’s right, he joined way back in our pre-launch days!

Tommy.NicholasTommy Nicholas was a freelance web developer looking for something bigger when he got the idea to start his own financial technology company. “I wanted to start my business because I love solving hard problems with great people,” he says.

Tommy had the ambition but needed cash for his business. Using Qapital, “I saved about $1500 just to make sure I had it set aside to pay for the travel and other things I knew I would need to do to get started,” he says.

Now that his business is off the ground, he’s using Qapital to save for the other things he likes to do in life. We talked to Tommy about why he stuck with the app even after meeting his first Goal.

What are you saving for with Qapital?
I’ve saved for a lot of things with Qapital in the past – saved money for golf clubs (that I love), for my business, for a rainy day, etc. Right now I just got done saving for new furniture for my Brooklyn apartment.

How did you discover Qapital and why did you decide to sign up?
I discovered Qapital through a referral, and I decided to sign up because saving is a tough problem.

What was saving money like for you before using the app?
I really just didn’t save money at all!

How do you use Rules to save? What’s your strategy?
I use various Rules just to make my saving asymmetric. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but I actually don’t want to save the same amount every month, I kind of want my saving to be somewhat random. That way, the amount I’ve actually saved is surprising instead of predictable so it feels more interesting to me.

What’s you favorite thing about saving money with the app?
My favorite thing about Qapital is just how easy it is to use. It’s probably 10x easier to use than my banking app. I even use it just to check my account balance with my bank because opening my bank’s app is so painful.

Why should someone give Qapital a try?
It’s the best financial related app you’ll ever use!

To learn more about how you can set up your own “asymmetrical” savings strategy, check out this blog post on our most popular way to save, the Round-up Rule.

We’re always looking to share stories from our customers! Want us to share your Savings Story? Email hello@qapital.com with the subject line ‘Savings Story’!

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