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Savings Stories: Meet Our Wyoming Contest Winner!

20 Nov, 2015 | Savings Stories


We have a winner! Late last month, we announced a contest to award $100 to the first person from the state of Wyoming to sign up with Qapital. But really, it’s a win for us since we now officially have savers in all 50 states. Let financial freedom ring!

Cheyenne resident Sarah Hegg, 33, was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about what she’s saving for with Qapital.

Tell us what you’re saving for.

I’ve set up several Goals so far. A few of them are to help pay off some of my debt and one that will help boost my retirement savings. I also have a fun one for a bigger trip out of the country, possibly to Cuba or somewhere in southeast Asia.

 Why has saving money been difficult for you in the past?

I had a lot of student loan debt when I got out of college. I’ve chosen a career that I’m passionate about and that has a lot of non-monetary benefits, but doesn’t often pay very high salaries. I’ve also recently gone back to graduate school  — so more debt. On top of that, I live in a place that I love but has a high cost of living. All of these things are part of the reason that it has been hard for me to get ahead and get out of debt.

What are some of the ways you’ve tried to save in the past? 

I’ve just had an envelope in my desk that I’d add cash too whenever I could. This has worked for smaller goals of a few hundred dollars, but I’ve found it harder to deal with bigger debts or savings goals because it feels so far out of reach. I’ve had an extra saving account that I would transfer money to, but that never worked well for me because it was so easy to dip into it when I needed to.

What’s your big financial dream?

Right now, my priority is to get rid of my credit card debt that has crept up while recently in school. After that, I’d like to bolster my retirement savings so I feel more comfortable with where that’s at. I’d also love to start traveling more again — so many places on the bucket list left to see!

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