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Save when it rains (and 5 more Recipes) to save money this summer

18 May, 2016 | IFTTT, Product Features

Rain or shine, these awesome, automated Recipes from Qapital and IFTTT will help you squeeze even more savings out of this summer!



With Memorial Day (and summer) just around the corner, we’re looking forward to sunny days, backyard barbecues, trips to the beach and all the other joys of summer. To help us get pumped, we put together these IFTTT Recipes that celebrate summer and help you save at the same time!

“Wait, what’s IFTTT,” you ask? IFTTT allows you to link activities in your favorite apps to generate savings in Qapital!

For example, you can save for your summer vacation each time it rains with this Recipe:
IFTTT Recipe: When it rains, you save connects weather to qapital

Still need a bit of clarification? This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about getting IFTTT set up and linked with Qapital.

Here are five new IFTTT Recipes to help you squeeze the most savings out of the weather this summer!

1. Save when the temperature rises above 75F
Add a little more brightness to your day by saving when the mercury rises!
IFTTT Recipe: Hello sunshine! Save when the temperature rises above 75F connects weather to qapital

2. Save when the sun sets
Going down in the West, all the colors in the sky – save when it happens! Whether you’re a fan of staying up late or turning in early, save when the sun says goodnight.
IFTTT Recipe: Save money with the setting sun connects weather to qapital

3. Save when it’s humid out
Oh, the humidity! This Recipe runs when the relative humidity rises above 45% so at least you’ll feel cool when it’s sticky and hot out.

IFTTT Recipe: Save when the humidity spikes connects weather to qapital

4. Save when seasonal allergies strike
This Recipe turns a negative into a positive by saving money when pollen counts are high. If you suffer from seasonal allergies in the summer, this could just make it a little easier to bear.
IFTTT Recipe: Achoo! Save when pollen is high and take the sting out of allergies connects weather to qapital

5. Save when bad weather moves on
Rain, rain – go away! Use this Recipe to save money when the forecast changes to clear in your area.
IFTTT Recipe: Clear! Save when crummy weather subsides connects weather to qapital

Got your own favorite Recipes? Tag us @qapitalapp on Twitter and we’ll RT them to the Qapital community!

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