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Nine new IFTTT Rules to supercharge your savings

17 Dec, 2019 | IFTTT, Product Features

Since 2015, thousands of Qapital members have used IFTTT to help them save toward their Goals. Now we’re taking our partnership to the next level by making it even easier to use IFTTT with Qapital.

IFTTT is the clever service that connects apps on your phone. Our members use it to connect Qapital to apps they use a lot so that they save every time they perform a certain action. For instance, you can reward yourself by automatically saving some cash every time you hit your daily step goal on Fitbit. Simple, right? Well now we’ve made it even simpler because you can connect your apps in just a few clicks.

Why use IFTTT?

Our mission is to help our members become masters of their money. And, since our launch back in 2015, we’ve known that making it easy and fun for people to start saving is the first step on that journey.

When we first started working with IFTTT, we were delighted to see the impact it had on our members’ saving. In fact, members who used it saved almost twice as much and reached 68% more Goals than those who didn’t. 

And now that IFTTT has simplified the way you connect other apps with Qapital, we think the time is right for even more of our members to explore new ways to save.

Nine new ways to save

Facebook: ‘Punish’ yourself for your Facebook fixation by saving every time you post.

Fitbit: Reward yourself by saving toward a Goal every time you hit your daily step goal.

Uber: Give your Goal a boost every time you give in and take an Uber.

Square: Save toward a big dream every time you make a little sale.

Strava: Save for a vacation whenever you workout (you’ve earned it).

YouTube: Killing time watching videos? Now you can save every time you like one.

Finance: Playing the markets? Play to win by saving when the S&P 500 Index falls.

Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa: Say a certain phrase, save a certain amount. Certain savings!


Getting started with IFTTT

  1. Make sure you’ve signed up for our Complete or Master membership
  2. Choose one of your savings Goals and tap “Add Rule”
  3. Select one of the new IFTTT Rules from the list

Happy saving!

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