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Lifestyle Blogger Alexandra Machover Shares Her Advice on Events, Emails, and Automated Savings

“When I started, it was about the food. But, there’s more to me than food. My life is about New York City.” 

Alexandra Machover (@spurofthemoments), lifestyle blogger, chats about how she developed her online personality. As she says in her blog, “each year I meet more people, I meet better people, I do more interesting things, and I embrace every moment of it.”


That’s more than evident in the vibrant photos she captures on her Instagram. Self-described as “clean, raw, and real” you feel like you’re experiencing New York through the images: sitting poolside in the Hamptons, grabbing brunch with friends at the hottest NY spots, or taking a slow coffee break with a close friend.


“Everything is in-the-moment. I always stay current and positive, and really try to live life to the fullest.”

And she has. Growing up in Long Island, Alexandra attended music school for 18 years, studying classical piano and guitar.Throughout her career, she’s sung pop music, opera, and, “probably the coolest thing about [her]”, a cappella with her NYC group, BLACKOUT.

When she’s not singing, her day is jam-packed. Waking up early to exercise or join a pal for a morning cup,she then jumps into her work day – Freelance Producing videos for PopSugar. After work, you’ll find her catching up with friends, updating her blog, or attending social media events. Between production, emails, deadlines, and making sure she has time to experience the city, it’s no wonder that the automation of Qapital comes in handy.

“I’ve always been a saver. I set the bar high for myself, asking, ‘How much do I need to be paid to be saving money?’ It’s nice to save even more and not notice it. I don’t spend a ton of money, I don’t shop a ton, so saving has always been the priority.”


So…what is she saving for? And how?

“I need to travel. It’s nice to get out of the city every so often to relax. The fall will be busy. A trip will be nice.”

Using the RoundUp Rule, Alexandra is quickly chipping away at her Goal, and without sacrificing a single moment in doing so. That’s the simple beauty of Qapital. You set the Rules to help you save based on your personal lifestyle and budget. We’ll automate it, you keep living.

with @calebthill. photo @gabrielle.lui
with @calebthill. photo @gabrielle.lui

For more on Alexandra – from fashion to food and fun – follow her across her social!

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