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Hello, new ways of saving $$$ with IFTTT!

10 Aug, 2016 | IFTTT, Product Features

Qapital ifttt launch

Today the whole team is super-excited to launch something we and our friends over at IFTTT have been working on for a while. Say hi to the brand-new, seriously curated, easier-than-ever-to-implement ways to save with Qapital and IFTTT!

If you’ve used IFTTT before, you already know about the greatness in connecting your favorite apps to each other. If you haven’t, get ready to have your mind blown!

Say you’re saving for a sunny vacation: You want to save a set amount for this warm wonder every time it rains at home. No problem — just open the Qapital app, select “IFTTT Rules”, and connect your weather app to it with IFTTT. Each rainy day will now be a little better, as it’ll trigger a saving that gets you closer to your holiday.

Or maybe you want to save toward that mid-century dresser each time you pin something to your “New House” Pinterest board? Also doable!

Save a dollar each time you post a photo on Instagram? You guessed it — possible!

These three examples are only a select few. There are many more to help you streamline saving, and make it WAY more fun. Here’s how you activate them:

  1. Open up the Qapital app
  2. In the Rules section — select “Create new Rule”
  3. Select IFTTT, and choose your own personalized way to save $$$


We hope you’ll dig these new saving-tricks as much as we do. Tweet us at @Qapitalapp to let us know which one is your favorite!

Note: For our users who are using previously created IFTTT recipes to save with: Nothing has changed. Your old recipes will continue to save for you without interruption.

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