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Fitbit + Qapital: Get Yourself (and Your Wallet) in Shape

15 Dec, 2015 | IFTTT, Product Features

When it comes to being healthy, we can all use some incentive. When you combine Qapital and FitBit, each mile, step and achievement translates into money in your pocket.

You can save toward your Goals, whether its new running shoes, a session with a personal trainer or a surf vacation, every time you go the distance.

It’s easy to save with your Qapital account and FitBit.  Just set up an account with IFTTT and you’ll be on your way to racking up miles and millions (well, maybe hundreds) of dollars.

IFTTT Recipe: Reward yourself every time you hit your daily step goal connects fitbit to qapital

IFTTT Recipe: Save money every time you hit your distance goal connects fitbit to qapital

IFTTT Recipe: Reward yourself for getting more sleep connects fitbit to qapital

Did you create your own IFTTT recipe using Qapital and FitBit? Tweet at us at @qapitalapp and we’ll share with our entire community of savers or feature you on a future blog post.

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