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We’re changing the way people feel about their money

A card designed with your goals in mind.

Our crew of engineers, data scientists, artists, behavioral economists and finance gurus show up to work everyday for one reason - to help people better turn their money into happiness.

So we work to create innovative tools that help people become masters of their financial lives. Tools that are useful to everyone, but accessible to anyone. Tools that give people control when they want it, and automation when they don’t. Tools that help people put their money towards what matters most.

Because when we make saving money more intentional, it becomes more fulfilling. Which makes it more motivating. Which means people save more. And that’s makes everyone happy.

Want to hear more about our philosophy?

Check out our Chief Behavioral Economist, Dan Ariely

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Meet the team

They created Qapital because they thought managing money should be easy and fun.

George Friedman

George Friedman

Co-Founder & CEO

George started his career in financial services at Nomura in NYC and went back to Sweden to lead projects at Avanza, Scandinavia’s largest brokerage bank. After spending a few years at Avanza, George decided to create an app that he would like to use to help him save. Today George is the face of Qapital, an app that has helped people save more than $230 million. His day-to-day is comprised of outlining strategic vision, from networking with investors and press, to managing everyday operations.

Erik Akterin

Erik Akterin

Co-Founder & CTO

Erik has a history of startups under his belt. After college he founded a web development and consulting business. Later he worked at Avanza, where he was the tech lead and rebuilt Avanza’s entire tech stack. Today Erik works both behind (and in front of the scenes) to make sure that Qapital’s tech is leading edge and customer centric. Erik’s day-to-day consists of making sure that Qapital’s has bank-level security and that customers’ transactions are automated and they have great experience using the app.

Our team hails from the worlds of financial services, academia and consumer tech - bringing experience from brands like Spotify, Amazon, JPMorgan, NASDAQ, Google and many more.

Mark Barberan


Mark Barberan - Operations

Aria Woodley


Aria Woodley - Operations

Lina Larsson

Backend Developer

Lina Larsson - Backend Developer

Henrik Wrangel


Henrik Wrangel - Product

Jure Novic

Android Developer

Jure Novic - Android Developer

Maria Schmiterlow

iOS Developer

Maria Schmiterlow - iOS Developer

Andreas Källbom

Product Designer

Andreas Källbom - Product Designer

Daniel Källbom

Product Designer

Daniel Källbom - Product Designer

Jonathan Coffey

Executive in Training

Jonathan Coffey - Executive in Training

Daniel Persson

Andoid Developer/Growth

Daniel Persson - Android Developer/Growth

Andreas Ivehult


Andreas Ivehult - Marketing Team

Mikael Gransell

iOS Developer

Mikael Gransell - iOS Developer

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