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Best way to save money!

Honestly the best app I’ve ever downloaded. Helps you save money quickly and easy for those who have trouble setting a few dollars to the side. In the long run, next thing you know those few dollars that were set aside turns into a few thousand. Highly recommend it. Been having for 2 years now and been saving since.

Electroe94 • 20 Feb, 2020

The best saving app!

I love using this app because it allows my boyfriend and I to save for things that are most important! We have two savings together and I have one for myself and because of the rules I have set up for each goal, Qapital puts a decent amount into each savings goal! I LOVE IT

triceybo • 11 Jun, 2018

Awesome App

Have had this app for awhile now, probably a couple years, and have absolutely loved it! Great way to effortlessly save money, with lots of different methods. It’s also nice that anytime you are running low on funds, you cause pause your deposits. The investing function has preformed very well for me too!

LongTimeUser018 • 20 Feb, 2020

Life Saver as a Recent College Grad

As a recent college grad, Qapital helps me stay on top of rent and savings without thinking about it! While also helping me save for fun things! And the aesthetic is gorgeous! And super user friendly!

Nicole D • 20 Jun, 2018


Love this app!! It does all the work for you and NOW even has investing for people with just a bit to invest.

Oomie55 • 11 Jun, 2018

This app is perfect for…

…when you’re just trying to save and be smart with money and I love the invest option. Would definitely recommend to friends.

Skye E. • 3 Feb, 2018

This app is fantastic!

Qapital is the only app I use for saving money. I’ll be able to afford a trip to Europe, with my strict rules, in less then 4 months. They truly deserve a 5 star review.

Matthew K • 14 Sep, 2018

Without even realizing it…

…you save up for what you want. It’s great. I love the additional features, such as the 52 week savings or create your own rule. The customer service support is awesome too!

Janet S. • 14 Sep, 2018

Revolutionized the way I look at money

Makes it so easy to save. I’ve never saved money in my life. It’s been impossible for me in the past. In the past 2 months alone I’ve put away over 2k with the way I’ve been setting up the rules. But I love that if I need the money, it’s available instantly. I also use the spending account so I have my card that I use for day to day stuff/discretionary spending and my debit card from my “normal” account for bills and larger purchases. I talk about this app to anyone who will listen!

GlossiGurl • 20 Feb, 2020

Great tool to learn how to save

I used to blow through my paycheck because there was money left after bills were payed and I’d just figure, “Hey, I can spend that on whatever I want, right?” It only took one or two unforeseen expenses for me to feel the pain of that decision. I started trying to hold back a portion of each paycheck in my checking account, but would occasionally lose patience and dip into it. I knew I needed a separate account that would help me safeguard my savings from frivolous purchases, somewhere along the lines of the old “out of sight, out of mind” principle. Qapital allowed me to start saving without having to think about it. I initially used it to build an emergency fund. Within a month I had a fully funded emergency fund and I didn’t have to do anything except set up some saving parameters. Then I used it to save towards a vacation. In a year I had enough to fund a family vacation, and once again I never had to think about it. It’s the Ron Popeil plan to savings, just set it and forget it. By setting it up to round up daily purchases and automatically withdraw 10% of my paycheck, I managed to amass over $10,000 in savings during my first year and a half. If you’re not good at ripping off that bandaid and cutting off a chunk of each check to stick into savings every month, this is the tool for you. And it’s very easy to set up and use, so it takes no time at all to get started and get on your way to saving towards a goal or to build wealth.

Afrutledge • 20 Feb, 2020

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“Qapital has helped millennials save money. Now it wants to help them invest.”

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“Qapital offers portfolios that match the length of the goal with how to invest…What’s the advantage of the goals-based approach? It helps temper spending.”

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“Using certain principles of behavioral economics, Qapital tries to encourage users to save money towards goals and make better financial choices overall.”

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